Jonathan’s Story, One Cat’s Life

Book cover jsA few months ago I published a book called The Life and Adventures of Jonathan Cat”.  I meant to write a book that would hold some wry humor for adults and also be the kind of book you would want your adolescent to read and enjoy.  To my surprise, I suppose because the narrator of the book is a cat, everyone thought this book was for children.  My almost 6 year old granddaughter learned to read the title and really wants to read the book; but it is, of course, far beyond her reading ability. With that in mind I sat down and rewrote the book in nine pages in a simple story book fashion.  The nine pages also includes a large number of art pieces that coordinate with the story.  When I was ready to publish the book, however, I discovered that the minimum size I could publish was 24 pages.  Thus I added a “Special Feature” to the new book–the same story in rhyme.  I have named the new book “Jonathan’s Story–One Cat’s Life”.  To see all three of the books I have written, go to Amazon Books and type my name in the search line (Betty L. Killebrew).

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Leviticus 7, vs. 26-33 with Betty

Note: at the end of today’s Portion of Bible Text, you will find my thoughts on the verses. B.K.

28 And the Lord spake unto Moses, saying,
29 Speak unto the children of Israel, saying, He that offereth the sacrifice of his peace offerings unto the Lord shall bring his oblation unto the Lord of the sacrifice of his peace offerings.
30 His own hands shall bring the offerings of the Lord made by fire, the fat with the breast, it shall he bring, that the breast may be waved for a wave offering before the Lord.
31 And the priest shall burn the fat upon the altar: but the breast shall be Aaron’s and his sons’.
32 And the right shoulder shall ye give unto the priest for an heave offering of the sacrifices of your peace offerings.
33 He among the sons of Aaron, that offereth the blood of the peace offerings, and the fat, shall have the right shoulder for his part.
34 For the wave breast and the heave shoulder have I taken of the children of Israel from off the sacrifices of their peace offerings, and have given them unto Aaron the priest and unto his sons by a statute for ever from among the children of Israel.
K.J.V. Bible Text

My Thoughts:

The Lord ordered the children of Israel to bring their peace offerings to be sacrificed with their own hands.  (To me this means, no servant delivery, no sending the offering with your son and no dropping it off at the door of the tabernacle.  It means take it and hand it to the priest  yourself to secure the benefit of your offering.)  We learn that  the fat of the offering is to be burned, the breast is to be waved before the Lord  for an offering but it will belong to Aaron and his sons, while the right shoulder is to go to the individual priest who makes the offering. At the conclusion of these instructions, the Lord reminds us that these offerings are to be taken from the children of Israel to be given to Aaron and his sons forever into the future.
Being a Christian in a predominantly Christian community, I have little knowledge about the Jewish faith today, but I find myself often wondering: are there still descendants of Aaron today who serve as priests in the tabernacles?  If anyone knows, pray do enlighten me!

Betty Killebrew

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