Larry Liked Me

Larry went to school with me
Only that one year.
I can’t remember his last name,
But his memory is still dear.

I think that year, a spindly girl,
I was just in the sixth grade;
I wore baggy hand me downs
That for bigger girls were made.

But,oh I had a “crush” on Larry;
I thought he was the best;
But I couldn’t keep up with stronger girls,
And he played with all the rest.

Then in spring, one day he said,
“Today is my last day;”
And I was faced with having
My “true love” move away;

But what a surprise for a small plain girl
When we recessed at noon
When Larry sneaked a good-bye kiss
That set my cheeks abloom.

When I relive that moment,
My cheek can still recall
That resounding smack that let me know
Larry liked ME best of all!

Elizabeth Ruth

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