A Clean, Fresh Love

Love has beginnings… 

A Clean, Fresh Love

My love’s as clean and fresh
As the early morning dew;
I became a whole new person
The moment I met you.

All the long years of my lifetime
That I had known before
Seemed to vanish like a vapor
And go wafting out the door.

I forgot the life I knew—
Forgot everything I’d done—
As I focused on the joy
That at last I’d found THE ONE! 

By Betty L. Killebrew

Copyright May 30, 2005

Please note:  This poem is from my book “Love Poems with a Story: 101 vignettes of love for every age and stage in life.” It’s available at Amazon.  Consider buying one for someone you love.  Because of the stories, it’s suitable not only for sweethearts but for mothers, aunts, really almost anyone.  Of course it’s suitable for many occasions: birthdays, wedding and wedding shower gifts, Valentine’s day and anniverseries.  Order your copy today.


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