A comment on so called “Sub”terfuge

Yesterday I heard that a suit has been filed because some of Subway’s “foot-long” subs are less than a foot in length.  I have also seen some recent advertisements for a competitor indicating that Subway’s meats are not sliced “in the back” but in a factory.

With all the above in mind, I would like to spring to Subway’s defense by saying the following:

To the person complaining about the length of the subs:  If you don’t think you’re getting good value, don’t buy the sandwiches!  (Problem solved.)

To any competitor making a big deal about where the meat is sliced, I say, “Be careful.”  I eat lots of meat sliced in factories—much of it in my own home.  This sanitarily packaged meat has never made me ill.  However, in the case of a certain nameless restaurant that brags about slicing the meat fresh, I became ill twice before I gave up eating my favorite sliced beef sandwiches from their establishment.

Just think about it.  In a restaurant you slice a little meat and you have enough sliced; do you immediately dismantle the machine and clean every part?  Probably not.  How often does an inspector come around?  Once or twice a year—maybe.  So which is more sanitary—the meat sliced in a factory where the preparation of meats is the whole job or the meat sliced on the premises—meat that may or may not be totally fresh and may or may not be sliced on a freshly cleaned machine.

For me it’s a no-brainer.  Go Subway, go.

Edwina Williams

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