A Little Fish


Once a little fish was swimming in his pond when he saw a juicy worm floating by. The little fish swallowed it at once and also swallowed the hook on which it was fixed.

When the line on the hook tightened, the little fish was quite frightened. He fought valiantly, but soon he found himself lying in the bottom of a boat, gasping for water, his gills straining wildly.

“Poor little fish,” said an old fisherman. He removed the hook and slipped the little fish back in the water. The little fish was relieved and swam happily away.

Many months later, the little fish again saw a juicy worm float by. He opened his mouth and …once again he was at the bottom of the boat, and once again the fisherman shook his head.  “You’re too small,” he said and slipped the fish back in the water.

The little fish lived on and grew to be a big fish, but above him on the surface of the water the fisherman kept on fishing—and one day he caught the fish once more.

“What a nice dinner you’ll make,” said the fisherman…

Is there a moral to this story?  Only this, if you swallow everything—hook, line and sinker—even after you’ve been forewarned, sooner or later you will have to pay for your gullibility. If you have more sense than a pond fish, you ought to learn from your experiences.
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