Brain surgery in the offing

Dear Web Site Readers,

I haven’t been around much lately because of some very important things I needed to have done before February 21, 2013.  On that day, I am scheduled to undergo brain surgery to correct an aneurysm that cannot be repaired in any other way.  I will then be hospitalized for four to seven days and will need someone with me at all times for a couple of weeks after that. I have no idea how long it will take for me to be up and at my computer again or whether I will return to complete health or suffer some of the hazards of such surgery.

Knowing that I faced this surgery, I have recently been devoting my time to a project dear to my heart.  I have completed my second book, a work of fiction called The Life and Adventures of Jonathan Cat. The book is now available on Create Space books and also on Amazon books.  After going on either of  the sites, you can find it easily by typing in the title.  It is for sale for $8.99 + shipping/handling.  I hope some of you who enjoy stories on this web site will be kind enough to purchase it.

With the prayers of all of you who care, I fully expect to return to health and devote more time to this web site. In the meantime, thank you for being my audience.

Betty L. Killebrew

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