My Birthday Prayer

Dear Lord, cake 2

My birthday is a gift from you,
So Lord, guide me the whole year through.

This year Lord, may I sin less
And each time I err, at once confess.

May I follow the Bible as best I can;
May I learn to live by your good plan;

For Lord, I want to always be
A good steward of  the time you give to me.

In the name of Christ Jesus, I pray.     Amen



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Jonathan’s Story, One Cat’s Life

Book cover jsA few months ago I published a book called The Life and Adventures of Jonathan Cat”.  I meant to write a book that would hold some wry humor for adults and also be the kind of book you would want your adolescent to read and enjoy.  To my surprise, I suppose because the narrator of the book is a cat, everyone thought this book was for children.  My almost 6 year old granddaughter learned to read the title and really wants to read the book; but it is, of course, far beyond her reading ability. With that in mind I sat down and rewrote the book in nine pages in a simple story book fashion.  The nine pages also includes a large number of art pieces that coordinate with the story.  When I was ready to publish the book, however, I discovered that the minimum size I could publish was 24 pages.  Thus I added a “Special Feature” to the new book–the same story in rhyme.  I have named the new book “Jonathan’s Story–One Cat’s Life”.  To see all three of the books I have written, go to Amazon Books and type my name in the search line (Betty L. Killebrew).

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The Life and Adventures of Jonathan Cat

cat cover for web-siteMy new book, The Life and Adventures of Jonathan Cat is now available at Amazon Books and on CreateSpace Books on the web. It’s also now available at Kindle Books.   After going on any of the sites, you can find it easily by typing in the title.  It is for sale in paperback for $8.99 + shipping/handling. As a Kindle book, it’s only 2.99 and you can read it at no charge by borrowing it as a Kindle book. Go to Kindle Books to take advantage of this offer.

Betty L. Killebrew, Editor and Publisher—

The Life and Adventures of Jonathan Cat     
By Betty L. Killebrew

Jonathan Cat, a barn cat born during the Depression era, leaves his farm home early in life and begins to travel around the country, enjoying a variety of adventures and living with various human friends along the way.

Told by Jonathan himself, this heart-warming tale chronicles Jonathan’s adventures with each of his best friends—Peggy, a little farm girl who has to be reminded to give him water; Boxcar Joe, a hobo who rides the rails; Boozer, a reformed alcoholic; Stripes, another cat with whom he develops a kinship; and Sharon the great human love of his life.

Seen through a cat’s eyes, the actions of the human characters in the book range from humorous to heroic.  From living with his friends, Jonathan learns important lessons about life and love.

The author was inspired by several cats she has “owned” and by the classic animal stories about Black Beauty and Lassie.  Her writing is clear and straight forward, making for easy reading; but this book is not primarily for children. It has appeal for readers over a broad spectrum. It will not only engross children, it will also fascinate cat owners and offer several hours of enjoyment to anyone who simply enjoys a good story.

Early readers have said that they laughed out loud in some places and cried at the end.  If you read this book, please post your review both at Amazon and in the comment section for this posting.

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The Christmas Puppy

 Many and many a year ago,
In a city bleak and dark,
A Christmas miracle began one night
With a hungry puppy’s bark.

He was too careless to mind his mom;
So one day in the chilly fall,
The puppy wandered away from her
And now had no home at all.

Alone he’d lived for weeks gone by
On what little food he found,
And several times he had just escaped
The catcher from the pound.

Until one night the shivering pup
Found nothing whatever to eat
As swirling snow began to fall
And settle at his feet.

The fright he felt was only matched
By his feeling of despair
As people stepped right over him
Without a thought or care.

At last the puppy faltered
As he neared a humble home
Where within a woman’s tears fell
As she knelt and prayed alone.

Precious little did the woman have
To give her much-loved son;
Her wages barely would buy his food
When each day’s work was done.

And now she waited with grieving heart
For the passing of the night,
For she had no gift to give her son
At Christmas morning light.

And as she knelt and prayed and hoped,
She heard a feeble bark;
So she rose and opened up the door
And looked into the dark.

Outside she found a sodden bundle
Of tangled puppy fur
With two big eyes with glistening tears
That fastened tight on her.

Unable to deny those big sad eyes
That looked at her with trust,
She brought the puppy into the house
Away from the cold wind’s gust.

Inside she settled him near the hearth
And warmed a precious cup
Of milk and oats with cooking fat
And watched him lap it up.

And then she brushed his golden fur
And fluffed it as it dried
And knew her prayers were answered
When she brought the pup inside.

Around his neck she tied a bow
(Of ribbon saved for years)
And rejoiced because her son would not
Wake up to grief and tears.

For now he’d have a Christmas puppy
To give him lots of joy,
And he would love the Christmas puppy
More than any Christmas toy.

 Betty Killebrew
All rights reserved

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Hot Stuff, Cool Delivery

I love to think about how we use language. Today I had fun thinking of all these common expressions that employ the word “hot”, none of which have anything to do with any measurable unit of heat.
Hot bed                                     Hot dog (Noun)
Hot potato                                 Hot dog! (exclamation)
Hot time                                    Hot lips
Hot head                                   Hot money
Hot seat                                    Hot rod
Hot for (Verb)                            Hot chick/Hot dame

I also thought of these expressions that use the words cold or cool, once again with no connection to actual temperature.

Cold hearted                            Cool headed
Cold turkey                               Cold cash
Cool! (adjective)                       Cold Fish
Cold case


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This Little Pig

(This is something I sometimes chant to little children instead of the age-old “This Little Piggy”)

This little pig is my little
I really love it true,
This little pig is my little pig
this little pig is my little pig
And this little pig is too.
This little pig is my little pig,
But this one belongs to YOU!

(As soon as I wiggle the last teeny-tiny “piggy” I always touch my forefinger to the child’s belly– to their delight.)

Betty Killebrew

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Going Buggy

If  I were a little bug, with wings to fly away,
No way would I be hanging ’round the same old folks each day.
I’d bat my little wings, swish- swish, and head for parts unknown,
Taking no one with me, just buzzing on my own.
I’d be at someplace new each day and on one would know where;
And I’d take steps to be assured no one would find me there,
For all those folks who swat at me with endless aggravation
Have led me to want nothing more than to “bug out” on vacation.

Edwina Williams

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My Rocking Horse

Once I had a rocking horse
I rode from here to there.
Its little red wood rockers
Helped it rock me everywhere.
I think I rode through Texas
And I’m sure I stopped to shoot
At least a dozen gunslingers
In spurs and cowboy boots.
I rode the varnish off the floor
And faster did I gallop
Until that old horse threw me off
And gave me quite a wallop;
But I climbed right back in the saddle
And soon subdued that horse;
Though it was tired of galloping fast,
So I slowed down of course.
Time passed and I outgrew my steed
And it was taken from my home,
But it left behind these happy thoughts
About how I rocked and roamed.

Edwina Williams

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Larry Liked Me

Larry went to school with me
Only that one year.
I can’t remember his last name,
But his memory is still dear.

I think that year, a spindly girl,
I was just in the sixth grade;
I wore baggy hand me downs
That for bigger girls were made.

But,oh I had a “crush” on Larry;
I thought he was the best;
But I couldn’t keep up with stronger girls,
And he played with all the rest.

Then in spring, one day he said,
“Today is my last day;”
And I was faced with having
My “true love” move away;

But what a surprise for a small plain girl
When we recessed at noon
When Larry sneaked a good-bye kiss
That set my cheeks abloom.

When I relive that moment,
My cheek can still recall
That resounding smack that let me know
Larry liked ME best of all!

Elizabeth Ruth

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I Believe in Angels

I believe angels answer our call
Though usually they aren’t seen at all;
And I believe they’re standing near
To protect us from the things we fear.

I have seen my angel in disguise
When I needed help from someone wise;
And I believe angels are here
Because God loves us very dear.

Edwina Williams

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