God…and man

Consciousness of God

Is only known by man;

But go ahead, use logic;

Rebuff Him if you can;

But when argument is over,

You will see what must be true—

Were there not a God,

There would also not be you.

B. Killebrew

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Forever the Lord, a Prayer of Thanks

You are the Lord forever,
From beginning to end of time,
The alpha and omega,
Forever just and kind.

You are the Lord forever,
An ageless, endless power,
Unceasingly, eternally,
You’re with us every hour.

You are the Lord forever;
You give us all life brings,
And Lord we bow before you
And thank you for all things.

We offer this thanks in the name of  Christ Jesus.

B. Killebrew

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On October 26, 2012, I suffered a cerebral hemorrhage from a burst aneurysm.  This is my first effort to express my thankfulness to God before my fellow men for sparing my life.


Thank you Lord Jesus.  Amen 

Betty Killebrew

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A Prayer for Bringing Families Together

“Father, please bring families together. Sometimes it seems that there’s a spiritual attack on the bond between husbands and wives, and the family unit in general. — Please cancel every assignment of the enemy, and allow love to prevail.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen”

By: Joanne Major Butler

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A Prayer for a Custody Case

Someone in our family is waiting to be able to see his child.  A hearing has been held but the judge has not yet ruled.  This is our prayer.

Dear Lord,

We have counted every day since disaster came our way;
Can someone see what’s true and end travesty today…

For we have waited patiently trusting in an equal law,
While hanging ‘round the telephone waiting for a call.

Injustice rules today, but we pray the tide will turn
And allow us once again to see the child for whom we yearn.

God be with us as we wait and help us remain patient. Give us the grace to accept the answer, whatever it may be.


Name Withheld



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Follow Me

The Lord has said, “Come follow me.”
Man replies, “Just let me be.”

The Lord says the meaning of riches is naught;
Man says, “I need all these things I bought.”

Always there’s conflict between the divine
And man declaring, “This thing is MINE!”

But some day when all is stripped away,
All the riches and glory of this present day,

Then, with soul trembling, you’ll hear the Lord say,
“What good did you do along your earthly way?”

And then only God’s amazing grace
Will allow you to enter His Holy place.

Elizabeth Ruth

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The Christian Face

The faces of Christians might not shine with a light so bright you have to look away as did the face of Moses after he met God and talked to him face to face, but there is a Christian light that shines on the faces of Christians everywhere.

My two sisters and I once spent a long night in a hospital waiting room waiting for the morning when emergency heart surgery would be performed on our brother.  During that long night, we became acquainted with a kind old gentleman who was there waiting for news of his wife.  My sisters and I are life-long Christians and we recognized a kindred spirit in this old man. When we were away from him for a while, we speculated about the old fellow, sure that he had to be a Christian—just from the look on his old but contented face.

Sure enough, when we asked him about his faith, we learned that he was a practicing Christian and a life-long church member.

We have been telling this story ever since as we try to define that Christian look we saw on the old man’s face; and while we are still unable to accurately describe what exactly it is that we see, this light of Christ truly exists.  It is as real as eyebrows, eyes and wrinkles.  You can see Christianity right there on the faces of Christians.  It is, as they say, as plain as the noses on their faces; and it is a look to which I aspire daily.

Betty Killebrew

Read more articles, stories and poems by Betty Killebrew at: www.inspirationalarchive.com

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Feed my Sheep

Over the weekend, most of the leaves on the tree outside my office window disappeared from the limbs.  A couple of weeks ago they were vibrant and green. Last week they were gold and red. Then, while I wasn’t looking, they dried up and withered away to crumble into dust and return to the soil. According to God’s plan, they will a soul that does not wither.  When a leaf disintegrates, it is gone. The human soul dose not disintegrate—only the husk within which it lives while it performs the duties assigned to it by God. Nevertheless, if you do your duties well, you will nurture the spirits of the souls that follow you through a lifetime on this earth as surely as the dust of fallen leaves nourishes the leaves of the coming year. The question for you as your autumn approaches is whether or not you are nourishing the sprits of others.  Jesus said to Peter, “Feed my sheep.”  This is our duty as well.

Edwina Williams

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Seeking Personal Peace

Frustration to the point of agony;
Mind yearning to be free—
That’s what constant problems
Have come to mean to me.
The peace of satisfaction
Must be prayed for day by day,
So all of this frustration
Can be safely held at bay.
Life’s not an easy journey;
The effort causes pain.
That’s why each day you’ll find me
Praying for sweet peace again;
And though life’s journey starts anew
Each day when I awake,
My prayer life can assure me
It won’t be more than I can take.

 Edwina Williams

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