Thank Him

The more that you appreciate
The more you earn a better fate;

So don’t forget, remember who
Sent all those blessings here to you

And tell Him “Thank you,” every day—
It’s a prayer all Christians ought to say.


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Prayers for Strangers who Drive Safely

Yesterday I didn’t drive well;
I made a bad mistake;
Thank you God for the stranger
Whose foot slammed on his brake.

All day today I prayed for him
,As I prayed for many more
Who were quick-thinking at the wheel
And saved my life before.

There’s no other gift to give
To a stranger you don’t meet
Than to offer prayers for him
And lay them at God’s feet.

So every time I think about
Some driver who was skilled
And managed to undo a threat
That could have been fulfilled,

I say another prayer
For those strangers I don’t know
Who were wide awake and ready
When I was dim and slow.

Name Withheld

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Whatever the Answer

Thank you God for hearing
Prayers for the strength I need
To live through pain and sorrow
Toward the fate you have decreed.

Every answer is not “yes”
But you hold my soul in peace;
And no matter what may happen,
I will pray without surcease;

And the peace beyond my knowing
Will be mine though come what may,
And my victory will be granted
In that great eternal day.

B. Killebrew

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Lost at Sea (A Thank You Prayer)

Distressed, disturbed, maligned and grieving,
Tortured and suffering beyond believing;

My goal an ever more distant shore
That I can’t discern with my sight anymore.

Fighting against the surging tide
With all my hopeless and helpless pride;

Until I prayed;

And lo, though the shore remains shrouded in time
And satisfaction ultimately may not be mine,

I find myself calm on the stormy sea
When the peace that passes understanding comes from thee.

Though all I desire and long to regain
May never return, you can still soothe my pain

By the presence of you as you answer my prayer
With the calm assurance that I remain in your care.

Thank you, Lord Jesus.                                    Amen

Elizabeth Ruth

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