Quick No-Sugar Peanut Butter Cookies

Years ago a friend gave me a recipe for quick peanut butter cookies.   Later, when I was on a low carb diet, I dusted off this quick recipe and tried it out with sugar substitute rather than sugar.  The result was even better than the sugar version and everyone in the family ate them up as fast as I could make them.cookie

Recently my husband decided it was time for him to cut back on the sugar in his diet and requested that I make some of these cookies for him.  After making them, I decided that other people might like this quick and easy, no sugar, recipe.

You’ll need–an egg, a jar of peanut butter, sugar substitute suitable for baking (Such as Splenda.)

1. Beat an egg–or two or three eggs in a bowl.
2. Add peanut butter in sufficient quantity to absorb the egg as you beat and bring the whole mixture to the consistency of thick cake batter. (You will probably need about 3/4 cup peanut butter per egg.)–I like to use crunchy peanut butter part of the time but either plain or crunchy is good.  My husband likes me to add a few raisins.
Mix in sugar substitute. Keep adding it until the consistency of the dough is stiff enough to roll it into balls.
4. Roll in balls about 1 1/4 inches in diameter and place about 2 inches apart on cookie sheet.
5. Flatten balls by criss-crossing with a fork
6. Bake at 370 degrees for 12 minutes.
7. Cool cookie sheet on rack for a few minutes before removing cookies with a spatula and cooling them on the rack.

Please let me know how much you like these cookies!


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Arrange Furniture like a Pro

Profusion can be Pleasant!sofa
            Arrange the furniture in your small house like a pro!

I know many people like their homes to have minimal furniture and maximum space, but too much blank wall space makes a room seem cold. A warm profusion of furniture  and  other objects  is homelike, but of course, you don’t want your home to look over-crowded. So what’s the secret of fitting a lot of furniture in a small space without creating messy confusion?

Here are some rules:

It’s important that you actually arrange the furniture. I once visited the home of a wealthy acquaintance. All of her expensive furniture was lined up along the wall, looking as if it had been dropped off by a delivery man and left wherever he happened to set it down.

Furniture needs to seem to be acquainted with its neighbors.  Everything can’t face straight out from the wall or it looks like the sofa is not on speaking terms with the easy chair.  Instead of putting everything in a straight line, try tilting a couple of pieces slightly toward one another or put a chair in a corner where it faces all of the room, not just the opposite wall.

And here’s something else; no matter how crowded the room, make sure no two pieces of furniture actually touch one another; and don’t shove things into the wall. Giving furnishings a few inches of breathing room all the way around makes them seem to fit better.

You should also watch the “weight” of your pieces.  Placing something too delicate alongside something rugged detracts from the beauty of both pieces.  But do vary the sizes and heights throughout the room, allowing a couple of taller pieces to balance one another from afar rather than putting them close together. Varying heights throughout the room adds visual interest.

And one more thing.  When you shop for furniture, bear in mind the size of your rooms. Sofas, for instance, come in more than one size.  Buy one that fits your space.


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