Jonathan’s Story, One Cat’s Life

Book cover jsA few months ago I published a book called The Life and Adventures of Jonathan Cat”.  I meant to write a book that would hold some wry humor for adults and also be the kind of book you would want your adolescent to read and enjoy.  To my surprise, I suppose because the narrator of the book is a cat, everyone thought this book was for children.  My almost 6 year old granddaughter learned to read the title and really wants to read the book; but it is, of course, far beyond her reading ability. With that in mind I sat down and rewrote the book in nine pages in a simple story book fashion.  The nine pages also includes a large number of art pieces that coordinate with the story.  When I was ready to publish the book, however, I discovered that the minimum size I could publish was 24 pages.  Thus I added a “Special Feature” to the new book–the same story in rhyme.  I have named the new book “Jonathan’s Story–One Cat’s Life”.  To see all three of the books I have written, go to Amazon Books and type my name in the search line (Betty L. Killebrew).

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Brain surgery in the offing

Dear Web Site Readers,

I haven’t been around much lately because of some very important things I needed to have done before February 21, 2013.  On that day, I am scheduled to undergo brain surgery to correct an aneurysm that cannot be repaired in any other way.  I will then be hospitalized for four to seven days and will need someone with me at all times for a couple of weeks after that. I have no idea how long it will take for me to be up and at my computer again or whether I will return to complete health or suffer some of the hazards of such surgery.

Knowing that I faced this surgery, I have recently been devoting my time to a project dear to my heart.  I have completed my second book, a work of fiction called The Life and Adventures of Jonathan Cat. The book is now available on Create Space books and also on Amazon books.  After going on either of  the sites, you can find it easily by typing in the title.  It is for sale for $8.99 + shipping/handling.  I hope some of you who enjoy stories on this web site will be kind enough to purchase it.

With the prayers of all of you who care, I fully expect to return to health and devote more time to this web site. In the meantime, thank you for being my audience.

Betty L. Killebrew

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The Life and Adventures of Jonathan Cat

cat cover for web-siteMy new book, The Life and Adventures of Jonathan Cat is now available at Amazon Books and on CreateSpace Books on the web. It’s also now available at Kindle Books.   After going on any of the sites, you can find it easily by typing in the title.  It is for sale in paperback for $8.99 + shipping/handling. As a Kindle book, it’s only 2.99 and you can read it at no charge by borrowing it as a Kindle book. Go to Kindle Books to take advantage of this offer.

Betty L. Killebrew, Editor and Publisher—

The Life and Adventures of Jonathan Cat     
By Betty L. Killebrew

Jonathan Cat, a barn cat born during the Depression era, leaves his farm home early in life and begins to travel around the country, enjoying a variety of adventures and living with various human friends along the way.

Told by Jonathan himself, this heart-warming tale chronicles Jonathan’s adventures with each of his best friends—Peggy, a little farm girl who has to be reminded to give him water; Boxcar Joe, a hobo who rides the rails; Boozer, a reformed alcoholic; Stripes, another cat with whom he develops a kinship; and Sharon the great human love of his life.

Seen through a cat’s eyes, the actions of the human characters in the book range from humorous to heroic.  From living with his friends, Jonathan learns important lessons about life and love.

The author was inspired by several cats she has “owned” and by the classic animal stories about Black Beauty and Lassie.  Her writing is clear and straight forward, making for easy reading; but this book is not primarily for children. It has appeal for readers over a broad spectrum. It will not only engross children, it will also fascinate cat owners and offer several hours of enjoyment to anyone who simply enjoys a good story.

Early readers have said that they laughed out loud in some places and cried at the end.  If you read this book, please post your review both at Amazon and in the comment section for this posting.

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Stop the World

There have been times when I have gone around singing the song that goes, “Stop the world; I want to get off of it.”  On October 26 of this year (2012) it actually happened to me.

On October 25, I finally received approval for the last of some advertising articles I had contracted to do. I had been working for weeks on the project, a series of 30 unique articles to be posted on the internet for someone who lives a state away and whom I have never met. He proved to be an exacting taskmaster with strict rules regarding the titles, information in the first couple of lines of each article and general formatting.  My source material for quotes and for accuracy was a 10,000 word booklet written by the client, far too little information for thirty articles. The project ended up taking more than a hundred hours worked in over several weeks time during evenings and weekends as I continued my full time job and other responsibilities.

During that time, I also formatted and edited a book for another client and continued to keep up daily entries to my website, and to the website where I began my internet career, The website entries included my daily columns in “Through the Bible with Betty” and an article and/or a poem daily.

So there I was almost at the end of a hard couple of months, during which I ignored a number of signs that I was not well, when I awoke on October 26.  I washed my hair, and then went down the hall for breakfast.  I had eaten half an English muffin, interspersing bites with my many daily pills swallowed with ice water and sips of hot coffee, before my head exploded with pain, seeming to spread from my neck to my forehead and then throughout my skull.  I communicated the pain to my husband by a gasp and by the hands I held to my head as if to hold it together. Almost immediately I said, “I’m in trouble.”

My husband led me to the living room and told me to lie down.  I couldn’t stand it.  I sat back up.  He suggested I go to the hospital. I wanted to do something about my wet hair first.  I walked alone down the hall; but once in the bedroom, I could not stand up.  I sat down on the bed.  A pain ripped through me like pulsating lightning from the base of my neck all the way to my tail bone.  I asked my husband to call 911. He said, “Don’t you think you can ride in the car.”  I had him hand me my bathrobe and help me into it and he led me to the car. He may well have saved my life by getting me to the hospital more quickly than it would have taken had we waited for an ambulance. 

During the five minute drive I held my head firmly, pressing it against the head rest to prevent movement.

At the hospital they took me right in. After a few questions a doctor came in and ordered a CAT scan.   I had a burst aneurysm and two other aneurysms as well.  The area between the tissue surrounding my brain and my skull was suffused with blood.  They told me I would be transferred to Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis by helicopter. The next hour was a blur, but I was a little closer to consciousness when the helicopter arrived.  By then, all my family who lived locally—two brothers, a sister, two sons, a daughter-in-law, beloved ex-daughter-in-law and three grandchildren had gathered to see me off.  I spoke to the children because I could see them turning away from me, obviously disturbed. With my hair a mess and all the tubes, etc. I must have been a scary sight.

I was awake during the helicopter ride over the familiar country between my home town and our capital city—approximately 95 to a hundred miles, accomplished in about twenty minutes by helicopter.

The helicopter landed on the roof of the hospital and I was taken to the Neurological unit.  By 1:00 that day I was in surgery. Much like the heart catheterization procedure, they went through my groin and threaded the way to my brain to the site of the aneurysm and placed a coil in it to cause the blood to clot.  Unfortunately, the other two aneurysms could not be dealt with at the time.  They remain to be faced after I recover from the one that burst.

I spent 13 days in Neurological Critical Care and two more in the stroke ward before coming home at last.  More than two weeks have passed since then.  Today it is one month since the big event. I was forced to resign my job because of the uncertainty of when I would recover.  I will probably not be able to face the stress of free-lance work for a while. I have gone from a person with a full life and income to one who is barely able to putter around.

I cannot believe the weakness and fatigue I feel.  However, I have been on the computer a few times and I have now written this article.  I want you to know that I will be back.  Someday there will be daily additions to once more.  I hope you will show up to read what I write. I also hope you will be kind enough to join me in thanking God for my life.

Betty Killebrew

P.S.  I just happened to look at a mirror and I realize I did not mention my extreme light sensitivity.  I have written this article while wearing wraparound sunglasses, even though I adjusted the settings on my computer to dim the display.  You would certainly smile—or laugh—if you could see me.

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In Need of Prayer

This prayer request was posted on September. 29, 2012.  On October 2 our prayers were partially answered.  The attorneys involved finally got together and arranged for this father to see his son for a few hours.  Thank you to all who prayed.  The Lord is indeed merciful and when prayers are joined together He is often willing to work miracles on our behalf. And of course, Dear Lord, we thank you for your grace and mercy.   AMEN

A member of my family is a father who is going through a divorce. His wife has de facto custody of their son because she left town and took the baby with her. The father has not seen or heard anything about his child for two months and is waiting for the court to rule on the custody issue. He recently posted this message on facebook. His words are almost poetic:
Today you are 10 months old. Walking, wobbling, stumbling, and falling. I am missing it, and I am missing you. This has taken far longer than I ever anticipated, and my hope is you will still remember me, when our time finally comes. I love you my son, and miss you more than mere words can express.
Please, all of you who are reading this,  join me in prayer—not just for my family member but for the judge to have wisdom and for the decision to be the best possible for all concerned, especially for this innocent young child.
Thank you.
 Name withheld with respect for the privacy of this situation.

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Have I got a deal for you!

Earlier this year my book, “Love Poems with a Story” was published.                          This is how it appears when you look it up on  It is a paperback book with an attractive slick cover. You can purchase it for  $12.95.

When I wrote the poems for this book, the goal was to have a poem for every age and stage of love. I recently received the following letter that indicates I met my goal:

“I love the poems you have written!! They tell many stories and will hit all couples sooner or later with one or many. I’m going to buy copies for all our kids and grandkids, my brothers and sisters and my husband’s nephew and wife. Each one will see poems that are familiar to them in their own life stories.”As the name of the book indicates, the 101 poems are more than just rhymes, they are all little stories. The rhythm and rhyme simply make the stories more fun to read.

 “Love Poems with a Story” would make a great gift for any wedding, wedding shower or anniversary; and of course, the book would be a perfect “anytime” gift for the one you love. Right now, if you buy my book, I have a special deal for you. For every copy you purchase, you will receive one free poem written just for you—a $25.00 value.  The loved one in your life will love the book and will be absolutely thrilled to receive a poem written just for the two of you.

After you buy the book, simply retain your Amazon receipt  and save it to a file in your computer.  Then write to me in the comment section telling me you have purchased the book.  I will send you an email address and you can then email me up to five special things you wish to appear in your poem with the Amazon receipt included as an attachment.

Your special poem—just for you and the love interest in your life—will be sent to you at no charge. I will write your personal poem and get it out to you within 36 hours.  If you wish, you will be able to obtain a presentation copy sized for framing for a small shipping and handling fee, but you don’t need to do that to obtain the poem itself.  I will email it to you at no charge as a “Thank you” gift for buying my book.

Why not go to right now and look up “Love Poems with a Story” by Betty Killebrew.  After you purchase the book,  write to me in the comment section below to receive your free poem.

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A Joint Venture

My friend Chris Cash of used to employ me as a writer for his website.When some crucial backing failed, we found a new way to work together., a sort of “sister” site to  is the result.  In honor of our new business relationship I wrote the following poem:

New adventures built on trust,
Moving onward as we must.
Old relationships the foundation
For nurturing new hatched ambition.

How perfect are the plans we made
When using lemons for lemonade;

How good is God to those whose plans
Reflect His will instead of Man’s

Thank you Chris…..Betty Killebrew


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