The Christmas Puppy

 Many and many a year ago,
In a city bleak and dark,
A Christmas miracle began one night
With a hungry puppy’s bark.

He was too careless to mind his mom;
So one day in the chilly fall,
The puppy wandered away from her
And now had no home at all.

Alone he’d lived for weeks gone by
On what little food he found,
And several times he had just escaped
The catcher from the pound.

Until one night the shivering pup
Found nothing whatever to eat
As swirling snow began to fall
And settle at his feet.

The fright he felt was only matched
By his feeling of despair
As people stepped right over him
Without a thought or care.

At last the puppy faltered
As he neared a humble home
Where within a woman’s tears fell
As she knelt and prayed alone.

Precious little did the woman have
To give her much-loved son;
Her wages barely would buy his food
When each day’s work was done.

And now she waited with grieving heart
For the passing of the night,
For she had no gift to give her son
At Christmas morning light.

And as she knelt and prayed and hoped,
She heard a feeble bark;
So she rose and opened up the door
And looked into the dark.

Outside she found a sodden bundle
Of tangled puppy fur
With two big eyes with glistening tears
That fastened tight on her.

Unable to deny those big sad eyes
That looked at her with trust,
She brought the puppy into the house
Away from the cold wind’s gust.

Inside she settled him near the hearth
And warmed a precious cup
Of milk and oats with cooking fat
And watched him lap it up.

And then she brushed his golden fur
And fluffed it as it dried
And knew her prayers were answered
When she brought the pup inside.

Around his neck she tied a bow
(Of ribbon saved for years)
And rejoiced because her son would not
Wake up to grief and tears.

For now he’d have a Christmas puppy
To give him lots of joy,
And he would love the Christmas puppy
More than any Christmas toy.

 Betty Killebrew
All rights reserved

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Forever the Lord, a Prayer of Thanks

You are the Lord forever,
From beginning to end of time,
The alpha and omega,
Forever just and kind.

You are the Lord forever,
An ageless, endless power,
Unceasingly, eternally,
You’re with us every hour.

You are the Lord forever;
You give us all life brings,
And Lord we bow before you
And thank you for all things.

We offer this thanks in the name of  Christ Jesus.

B. Killebrew

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Youth–Wasted on the Young

When I was young I heard folks say,
“Youth’s wasted on the young;”
Now I can fully understand
That age-old song they sung.

Life goes by so very fast
While we’re doing other things;
We often fail to notice
The changes that time brings.

Now here I stand with aches and pains,
A stranger in the mirror,
Wondering how time moved so fast
While I failed to hold it dear.

Young people, life’s a journey
With no destination but “the end.”
So please don’t take the fastest plane
Or rush to round the bend.

You’re on your way to nowhere–
Your whole life you’re passing through–
So make sure you’re at the window
With your eye upon the view.

Do not miss a moment
As you ride through time and life;
Do not waste a moment
On useless rush or strife.

Life is far shorter than it looks
When all of life’s ahead,
But when someday you have grown old
You’ll remember what I said.

And rue the day you turned away
From my wise words of truth
To waste the speeding middle years
That makes old folks out of youth.

 Edwina William

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A Mother’s Prize

As I am living in my final days,
I don’t desire laurels or flowers or praise;
I’ve already been blessed with the prize that I sought
That with gold or silver or pearls can’t be bought;
The legacy I leave is my children now grown
Who are happy and strong and can stand on their own.

By Betty Killebrew
May 4, 2009

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A Prayer for a Custody Case

Someone in our family is waiting to be able to see his child.  A hearing has been held but the judge has not yet ruled.  This is our prayer.

Dear Lord,

We have counted every day since disaster came our way;
Can someone see what’s true and end travesty today…

For we have waited patiently trusting in an equal law,
While hanging ‘round the telephone waiting for a call.

Injustice rules today, but we pray the tide will turn
And allow us once again to see the child for whom we yearn.

God be with us as we wait and help us remain patient. Give us the grace to accept the answer, whatever it may be.


Name Withheld



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Follow Me

The Lord has said, “Come follow me.”
Man replies, “Just let me be.”

The Lord says the meaning of riches is naught;
Man says, “I need all these things I bought.”

Always there’s conflict between the divine
And man declaring, “This thing is MINE!”

But some day when all is stripped away,
All the riches and glory of this present day,

Then, with soul trembling, you’ll hear the Lord say,
“What good did you do along your earthly way?”

And then only God’s amazing grace
Will allow you to enter His Holy place.

Elizabeth Ruth

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Going Buggy

If  I were a little bug, with wings to fly away,
No way would I be hanging ’round the same old folks each day.
I’d bat my little wings, swish- swish, and head for parts unknown,
Taking no one with me, just buzzing on my own.
I’d be at someplace new each day and on one would know where;
And I’d take steps to be assured no one would find me there,
For all those folks who swat at me with endless aggravation
Have led me to want nothing more than to “bug out” on vacation.

Edwina Williams

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The Christian Face

The faces of Christians might not shine with a light so bright you have to look away as did the face of Moses after he met God and talked to him face to face, but there is a Christian light that shines on the faces of Christians everywhere.

My two sisters and I once spent a long night in a hospital waiting room waiting for the morning when emergency heart surgery would be performed on our brother.  During that long night, we became acquainted with a kind old gentleman who was there waiting for news of his wife.  My sisters and I are life-long Christians and we recognized a kindred spirit in this old man. When we were away from him for a while, we speculated about the old fellow, sure that he had to be a Christian—just from the look on his old but contented face.

Sure enough, when we asked him about his faith, we learned that he was a practicing Christian and a life-long church member.

We have been telling this story ever since as we try to define that Christian look we saw on the old man’s face; and while we are still unable to accurately describe what exactly it is that we see, this light of Christ truly exists.  It is as real as eyebrows, eyes and wrinkles.  You can see Christianity right there on the faces of Christians.  It is, as they say, as plain as the noses on their faces; and it is a look to which I aspire daily.

Betty Killebrew

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What Children Know

Have you noticed the children of today know a lot,
And a lot of what they know are things we did not?
In fact, I’m pretty sure in this modern day,
Kids learn things they shouldn’t know anyway.
In school they once taught us that old golden rule,
Now there are different things in our kids’ learning pool.
It’s appalling to a grandma to hear a child say
Something she didn’t know on her eighteenth birthday!
What have we done with innocence; why rush to let kids know
Things we found out the old way, by “learning as you go”?

Edwina Williams

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My Rocking Horse

Once I had a rocking horse
I rode from here to there.
Its little red wood rockers
Helped it rock me everywhere.
I think I rode through Texas
And I’m sure I stopped to shoot
At least a dozen gunslingers
In spurs and cowboy boots.
I rode the varnish off the floor
And faster did I gallop
Until that old horse threw me off
And gave me quite a wallop;
But I climbed right back in the saddle
And soon subdued that horse;
Though it was tired of galloping fast,
So I slowed down of course.
Time passed and I outgrew my steed
And it was taken from my home,
But it left behind these happy thoughts
About how I rocked and roamed.

Edwina Williams

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