A Lesson on Forgiving

My niece, Darcy, is an incredibly sweet child, always eager to please.  She is three years old and she absolutely adores her slightly older cousin.

Recently the two were playing together and had gone into a bedroom together.  Suddenly, Darcy came down the hall in a state of indignation, saying, “Jo-Jo slapped my face.” She had a slightly reddened place on her very pale cheek.

Jo-Jo followed her saying, “I didn’t do anything.  Darcy banged me with her head and I know she did it on purpose.”

Now I love both little girls, but I knew Darcy did not do it on purpose.  Bouncing around in her excitement, she had banged her head into Jo-Jo’s nose.  The sudden pain made Jo-Jo fly off the handle and I knew she had slapped her without thinking.

We had a little talk about it and she finally allowed that she had put up her hand and it had hit Darcy’s cheek. I asked her to apologize to Darcy because her hand had hit her cheek.  She refused, saying, “No.  I didn’t do anything.”

Whereupon Darcy said, “Jo-Jo, I’m sorry my cheek hit your hand.”  Now that is forgiveness.  I’ve never seen anybody forgive any better.

In case you’re worried, we didn’t make a big issue of it right then, but a few days later we had a little talk with Jo-Jo about controlling those sudden flashes of temper; but between you and me, I’ve suffered from the same problem all of my life; and it’s far easier to identify with Jo-Jo’s feistiness than with the amazing kindness of little Darcy. Jo-Jo will have a hard way to go in life, but little Darcy will sail through with the grace of an angel.

Aunt Martha

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Pasta anyone?

We were at the local pizzeria when I asked my three year old granddaughter what kind of pizza she wanted.

“I want a macaroni pizza,” she said.

It took me a moment to figure it out, but when the waiter came I ordered her a pepperoni pizza. 


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Conversation with a four-year-old.

Grandma:  I like it that you gave Cassidy a hug when you left. That was very nice of you.
Grandson: And I gave her a kiss too.
Grandma:  Oh, I didn’t see that.  Is Cassidy your girl friend?.
Grandson: No, she’s just a regular friend.
Grandma:  Does your brother have a girlfriend?.
Grandson: Yeeees
Grandma: Is he in love with her?
Grandson:  Yeeees
Grandma:  Are you in love with Cassidy?
Grandson: (Annoyed) I told you Cassidy is just a regular friend.
Grandma:  When you grow up, who are you going to marry?
Grandson: Cassidy


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Where’s that cat?

A victim of asthma, I was spending some quiet time with my granddaughter when she began to look all around.

“What was that?” she asked.

It took me a minute to realize what she had heard, but then I explained about my wheeze and we went on with our play.

A few moments later she looked up again and said, “Grandma, you meowed again.”


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That Bristly Thing

After Grandpa didn’t shave over a long week-end, he started to show hair on his upper lip, causing three year old Rose to remark, “Grandpa, you have a beard under your nose.”            B.K.

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Puppy Dog “Tale”

My granddaughter, Rose, who is three, dragged an old pushbutton phone we keep for her to play with down the hall to the living room and said, “This is a puppy.  Do you want to pet it?”

I dutifully petted the “puppy”.  Later she set the phone on the coffee table and on a whim I decided to make a pretend phone call.  On that day, Rose’s sister had a minor injury, so I inquired of the “doctor” about it and concluded with, “Okay, I’ll have her mommy call for an appointment.”

When I “hung up”, Rose said, “Sissy can’t go to the doctor.”

“Oh,” I asked, “Why not?”

Her answer—the last thing I expected— “Because you were calling on your puppy’s tail.”

Elizabeth Ruth


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