Eternity is Now

On the History Channel today I was watching a story about ghost soldiers who are present on the battlefield at Gettysburg.  If I believe in such things, does it conflict with my Christian religion?  I don’t think so. This is because I believe that time is something that exists for us in this world but is not relevant to God.

 We tend to think that eternity is an endless time to be spent in either heaven or hell.  We think of it as endless time in a linear sense—extending from the time of our death until forever after.  We think also that God has been present since a long ago beginning of “eternity”.  As Jesus said, “Before Abraham was, I am.”  To me, this has a different meaning than simply that God was first.  It says to me, “God is and always is,” and of course this applies also to Jesus who was more than the Son of God but was God,  a portion of  the trinity–the  Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Ghost that Jesus left behind to be accessible  to us during our earthly life.   

So what do I think eternity is?  I think it is ALWAYS–not forever into the future but an existing “time” that is always NOW.  I believe it is perfectly feasible for us to notice things that happened many years ago at the field of Gettysburg because of the high emotion on that honored field where so many people ended their earthly existence all at once—an event that according to my view of eternity is happening in the NOW eternal time as it happened in the long ago of earth time. I believe that some people occasionally have a glimpse of the past or see through the window of our steadily marching time into the “future”. 

God placed us on earth with a consciousness of passing time.  I believe that in “eternity” there is no passing time.  Instead, we will join the NOW and ALWAYS in the presence of our Lord or will join the unbelievers who are cut off from His presence.  If we go to “heaven,” we will not rejoice that we have found Glory forever; we will simply experience the glory, being always in the moment, now or thousands of earth years in the future.  When we are with our Lord, if we are able to see the people of earth, I believe our view could be of any moment from the day of Adam to the earthly time of hundreds of years to come.  All will be NOW.

God is—May you allow Him into your heart so your eternal NOW will be spent with Him.

Betty Killebrew


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