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Names and other identifying information in the following email exchange have been changed out of respect for the privacy of the individuals involved but otherwise, it’s all true, word for word.  This happened during the past Christmas season between a woman in China  I will call “LuAnn” and an American eBay dealer I will call “Sam”.


I’m the one who bid this item, but now I got a problem from paypal which is I can not pay no more after I pay more than $1000 with paypal, so I may need to ask you cancel this transcation, because I’m afraid I can not pay if I can not find a way to fix this problem with paypal. I feel so sorry about it!!


Lu Ann,
I will send a request to cancel if you want. Just let me know. Thanks.   Sam


I’m the one who asked you to cancel my transaction. I just figure out my paypal account problem and I’m really thank you for do me this big favor when I was in trouble. I’m a new buyer just start to use Ebay one month ago and there is so many things I’m still studing, if I make you this trouble I just want to tell you all my apology for it and thanks for your understand  !! I will come back to your shop next time.Merry Christmas!!


Dear LuAnn,
You are more than welcome. I am sure that you will work out your Pay Pal Problems. I have been on Ebay for 14 years and I am still trying to figure it out as they keep changing things. I would love to come to China and see the Terra Cotta Warriors. Thank you for the note. Sam.


I sent you a gift. Did it arrive yet? Please let me know when it arrives. Thanks for your messages from China. Sam from the United States.  I put my email on the box. (Editor’s note:  He sent the item even though it was unpaid for.  The postage was $30.)


Today when I receive this package, I was so confuse that I didn’t buy nothing so heavy from USA the moment when I open it, my tear is just out my eyes and I can not even find a words to tell you about my feeling!!! Thank you! Thank you so much!!
They say tomorrow will be the end of the world, now I just want to tell you if tomorrow is the real last day, so this gift is the best I’ve never had before in my life!!!!!
Please!! If you come to China or plan to come to China one day, let me know!! I will help you to get all the information you need!!  And if one day you come to Beijing, I will invite you in my husband’s Italian restaurant.
Thank you so much!!!

God bless you!!



Dear Luann,
Good Morning. Thank you for the very nice note.  The world did not end so now we can look forward to more good times.  There are many great Italian food restaurants near me so if you want to open a USA restaurant you can open it in my area.  I am very happy that you like the gift. Take care of yourself and have a Merry Christmas. Thanks for the help offer if I come to China.  Sam

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