Jonathan’s Story, One Cat’s Life

Book cover jsA few months ago I published a book called The Life and Adventures of Jonathan Cat”.  I meant to write a book that would hold some wry humor for adults and also be the kind of book you would want your adolescent to read and enjoy.  To my surprise, I suppose because the narrator of the book is a cat, everyone thought this book was for children.  My almost 6 year old granddaughter learned to read the title and really wants to read the book; but it is, of course, far beyond her reading ability. With that in mind I sat down and rewrote the book in nine pages in a simple story book fashion.  The nine pages also includes a large number of art pieces that coordinate with the story.  When I was ready to publish the book, however, I discovered that the minimum size I could publish was 24 pages.  Thus I added a “Special Feature” to the new book–the same story in rhyme.  I have named the new book “Jonathan’s Story–One Cat’s Life”.  To see all three of the books I have written, go to Amazon Books and type my name in the search line (Betty L. Killebrew).

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