Six Little Christians

Six little Christians tucked in little beds
Heard the church bell ringing and raised their little heads.
One little Christian shut his eyes once more;
“I’m sleeping in,” he said, “That’s what Sunday’s for.”

Five little Christians raised their little heads,
Stretched and sat up straight in their little beds.
One little Christian laid his head back on his pillow;
“It’s Sunday, my day off,” he said, “I’m a lucky fellow.”

Four little Christians sat up in their beds
And scrambled right out as Mother always said.
One little Christian turned on the TV;
“Oh look,” he said, “Something’s on I want to see!”

Three little Christians did what mother said,
Hurried up and dressed when they got out of bed.
One little Christian dressed in his old jeans,
Ready to go out and hit the golf course greens.

Two little Christians donned their fine apparel
And went to the kitchen to eat some bowls of cereal.
One little Christian was headed toward the door
When he decided to stay home and eat a little more.

One little Christian walked out his front door
And  hurried off to church ’cause that’s what Sunday’s for!

Staff Writer, Inspirational Archive

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