If you would like something you have written to be on our website, type or paste it into the  comment field below.  Please remember, however, that this site accepts from the public only new, previously unpublished material.  You may, of course, use short quotes from previously published material with proper credit given.

If you have a good story or thought, by all means post it. Our editor will work with you to make it acceptable for our site if at all possible.

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2 thoughts on “Submissions:

  1. Here is an inspirational poem that I hope you will enjoy.


    You can touch someone’s life,
    Just by what you say or do,
    It’s nice to be able to do that,
    And I’m going to do it too.

    It might be by an act of kindness,
    Or just by something we say,
    It really doesn’t matter what it is,
    Because it will sure make their day.

    So try to touch someone’s life,
    And show them your love,
    Then you will be blessed in so many ways,
    From our Lord and Savior above.

    • I am sorry that I was a little slow in approving this submission. If you are a regular reader of this site, you know that I recently underwent brain surgery to repair an aneurysm. After a little over a month of neglecting this web-site since my surgery, your excellent submission appeared in my e-mail. It reminded me that I should also be doing some writing.
      I have posted your poem in several of the regular categories. Thank you for helping out. Submit more articles whenever you can.
      Betty Killebrew, Editor

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