The Issues in this Election

Somebody told me today that she has made up her mind about the upcoming election for president and that she is “voting on the issues that are important to me.”  My response: “I’m voting on the issues that are important to my grandchildren.”

It occurred to me then that when we vote in an election, many people vote on the personalities or upon a stereotypical notion of what they think each candidate represents. The most thoughtful voters vote on “issues”. My friend’s view of what issues to vote on is a transparent message that our candidates should understand. To win your vote, they must understand and target what is important to you.

Perhaps this time the choice of whom to vote for is a little more complicated than the simple, “Vote your pocketbook.” But that remains a large part of the equation. So this is a call to arms for our candidates—make your message important to the individual.

To the voter, however, I say: this is not the time for a selfish, “What’s in it for me?” approach to voting. The issues are so important this time that it seems to me they are reminiscent of the election of Abraham Lincoln when the matter of states’ rights was almost at the boiling point. Conservatism is now at battle with Liberalism. If Liberalism wins, many people think we will become a full blown socialist country with the plight of Greece the end of the line most of us fear.

Individual rights and the governmental system of checks and balances are also issues in this election. Many people believe the executive branch of our government has too much power.

So, my fellow Americans, I ask you to do this for your country. Weight the “issues’ carefully before you vote. The legacy of this election is bound to be a change one way or another. I ask you, like me. to think of the good of your grandchildren, even if yet unborn, when you cast that ballot.

Betty Killebrew

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