Why you Should Vote: 10 Perfectly Good Reasons.

1. You are as smart as anyone else you know. Why let them choose who is going to run us trillions of dollars in debt.
2. Washington is regulation crazy.  Maybe if you vote you can help get someone elected with a little common sense.
3. It’s your right, your privilege and your duty.
4. Because it’s a secret ballot. Just tell both the candidates  you will vote for them and then choose the one you want.  The other one will never know.
5. Somebody has to do it.
6. We’re all in this together. Please don’t refuse to vote and then blame all of us that do.
7. Because this time a good man is running. Isn’t that wonderful!  It will be even more wonderful if we can get everyone off their hands and down to the polling place to vote for him.
8. Because I’m begging you to.
9. Why not?
10.  After you go to the polls, you can listen to the projections and find out who you voted for.

 Seriously folks–this year we all must vote.  It’s so important.  VOTE.   Do it for the future of our nation. Do it for our kids and grandkids.

Betty Killebrew

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